About Us

Knight World was founded on a strong premise to be the foremost real estate agency with a focus on commercial and residential property management and consultation Housed within the city center of Puchong Knight World is proud to offer their expertise in managing 360 degree solutions in property, from the leasing to the sales of secondary markets, such as commercial, industrial and high end markets like KLCC.

At Knight World, we have a winning culture.

Our people are the ultimate forces behind our brand We believe in developing meaningful connections with the right people who have a burning passion when it comes to all things property this is in line with our mission of offering nothing but the best property solutions catered across all our clients.
Founder Speech

''Our mission is to yield Knight World into the most formidable brand in real estate that has its roots in Malaysia but is are a truly global company at heart. 

Armed with our industry specific expertise and a stellar team with proven track record in property sales, Knight World not only continues to etch its footprints internationally but also serves as a one stop center to grow and expand your career in property.''

Scott Tan
Founder of Knight World
Our Track Record

Our Fun + Versatile
Our work culture and the environment have always advocated discipline, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace, and it can be hard to believe that having fun at work can contribute to an organization’s advocacies. Activities, whether formal or informal, done, and designed to encourage fun in the workplace are an inexpensive way to reap the below benefits.

A Better Work Environment
= Enhance Productivity and Increased Learning

Recruitment and Retention
= Attracting the younger group energy & forces

Positive Customer Experience
= Enhance Productivity and Increased Learning
We spend on average eight hours a day at work. That translates to roughly 2,080 hours per year. This means we spend about a quarter of our life each year at work. With another quarter spent sleeping and a third-quarter keeping our households running, this leaves only 25 percent for fun and relaxation.

It's no wonder we run around stressed all the time, feeling as if there's no time to do the things we want to do. Having happy, less-stressed employees can be a huge benefit to employers resulting in frequency in returning to the office, getting connected with the other teammates, and higher employee retention.

8 years of Sail


The journey started as we bought over the franchise from Metro Home Agency with the flagship outlet at Cheras South offices. The size was no more than 1,000 square feet. That year, we gained our first exclusive industrial project for 6 months, which the team of four attained a whopping MYR200 million in sales GDP. Prior to that, we worked on secondary markets. 


Following the success of the first exclusive project, the developer extended the engagement for new exclusive projects in 2014. That year, 474 outlets were sold and recorded a total GDP of MYR380 million mark.


Our business hit a plateau as agents recruitment were slowed down and sales statistics proved weak. That year, we gained 2 exclusive projects in Cheras and the team maintained MYR300 million in sales revenue. 


Successfuly implemented a corporate reorganization to focus more on the education and recruitment fronts. Our number of agents increased that year and received ad-hoc projects besides the exclusive projects. That year, a new record high of over MYR400 million projects were completed.


We parted ways with the previous agency to take on a new franchise. We formed a new office in Puchong with 120 agents who put a focus on big developers such as the likes of Gamuda, Sunway, Mitraland, Lion group. 


Officially left agencies & formed new agency called Knight World Realty (M) Sdn Bhd where the corporate consisted of over 200 members.


Today, Knight World Realty (M) Sdn Bhd has expanded the direction to not only project-focused but also include sub-sales exercises. We had successfully achieved over MYR600 million in sales revenue this year, & the saga continues.

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